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AI Specialists and Beyond

LEX, Hadoop,Azure ML, RapidMiner, NUANCE, Power BI, Google Maps,Esri, Skype, Slack

We build some of the most advanced AI systems in the world. Your business decisions are only as good as the data they are based on. Through state-of-the-art machine learning and better modeling, you can get the information you need to make the best decisions and reduce risk.


Web Development

Java, React JS, Express JS, Bootstrap, Ionic, .Net, Drupal

We build sophisticated web applications to help our clients solve their most complex business challenges. Our solutions are efficient, flexible, easy to maintain, and perform flawlessly across devices, browsers, and operating systems—your app can be everywhere your users are.


Internet Of Things

We help accelerate your business transformation with IoT. Our solutions are focused on reducing complexity, lowering costs, and speeding up your time to market. Explore how IoT can help with remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, smart spaces, and connected products.



AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google

Today, organizations are increasingly leveraging the cloud to become more agile, to improve processes and to deliver better solutions to business problems. The foundation for digital transformation starts with implementing the right cloud strategy. Our end-to-end Cloud experts and will help you in moving your current setup to Cloud or start a new Cloud-based project from the scratch.


Systems Architecture

Our seasoned architects help clients evaluate options to bring their projects to life. The best mobile experiences require a strong back-end foundation. Our teams have years of experience integrating with back-end and middleware systems and can evaluate alternatives based on cost, time to market, implementation risk, performance, scaling, and security considerations.


Backend Engineering

Node.js, Kibana, Redis,Socket.IO, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server

From the earliest stages of product conception and strategy, our API architects focus on building a custom solution to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s integrating with your existing systems, developing a middleware-based approach, or building a custom, from-scratch solution, our engineers have done it.


Innovative Attendance platform for time, location...

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RE-Trax is a full life cycle analytics platform which offers...

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Aapo Grid

Aapo Grid delivers insight into the implications of vibrations...

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Innovative Attendance platform for time, location...

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The discovery process enables us to review your business, plan and present relevant research and grasp your brand before we identify the most suitable solutions to problems. Ultimately, this helps us to answer strategic questions concerning your product vision, target market and more.

Research & Insight

Our team works with you to understand your business, customers and challenges before delivering our findings and suggestions.

Product Strategy

We work with you to define expectations and a roadmap, ensuring your product is more than just a set of features and adds real value to your users.

Design Sprint

A five-phase exercise which identifies the best solutions to a business challenge, allowing us to develop, test and learn from a prototype quickly.

Innovation Lab

We help you test and understand how your business can embrace emerging technologies to solve your current and future challenges.


We Are Your Partner Not Vendor

For us we are committed to getting you out front. We become an extension of your team by aligning with your long-term vision and strategy. We work side by side to build a better tomorrow for you and your customers.

Our Promise to you is to always ask “Should it be built?”

We’re visionaries, idealists, engineers, designers and leaders. We’re not just coders, but people who you want to discuss your ideas with. Our philosophy is to approach each project as a potential game-changer on the market. We guide you to success and challenge you until your good ideas are ready to become something beyond belief.

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