Innovative Attendance platform for time, location, and attendance tracking with a modern twist.

Since 1973, distinctive brand image has been developed consistently across a growing number of products, price levels and markets. Cardinal products include clothing, accessories, shoes for men, women and children’s clothing. Reflecting a distinctive Indonesian perspective, Cardinal has become an innovator in branding aspirational lifestyles and believe that CARDINAL, has a big influence on the way people dress and how fashion is advertised. 


  • To build a truly enterprise class solution.
  • To digital transform the business through the implementation of innovative attendance management system.

Our fingerprint

Novaders team of experts came up with enterprise class architecture to the solution and presented to the Cardinal Management team and based on the go ahead of the architecture from Cardinal, Novaders took up the development challenge with the latest technologies comprising of:

  • Face recognition being the innovative and also Location based solution with a mix of Mobile and web based solution.
  • Selfie based attendance app works on both iOS and Android now rule out the proxy attendances by ensuring the employee clocks in and out by clicking their selfies
  • Face recognition being the biggest challenge where in female employees in Indonesia wearing hijab and recognizing the face accurately every time when they login. Implemented a high precision face recognition which process the image rapidly on any device providing consistent performance against improper head pose or illumination.
  • Geo fencing makes sure the employees is clocking in and out at the allotted store if not showing a deviation dynamically to the Cardinal team.


  • 20% higher sales during peak times with the availability of right sales people at the right time
  • 100% elimination of temporary resources over billing during festival seasons sales, leads to increase in cardinal bottom line
  • Everyday there are 3000 + resources attendances are being captured in the solution.