RE-Trax is a full life cycle analytics platform which offers companies of all sizes to grow, scale, track and collaboratively manage their real estate assets all in one place.  

Determining your next franchise or store location is no simple question. There are many factors that go into determining the perfect locations. The founders of Re-Trax understood how new location selection should be approached because of their 15 years of experiences and armed with this knowledge created Re-Trax with open source tools. The original MVP worked for earlier customers, but as more customers where added it became clear that the product would need to be redesigned.


  • Open source platform no longer viable.
  • Original platform was not user friendly.
  • Not enough internal resources to build new platform.
  • Licensing was in decline (Time was of the essence).
  • Re-Trax need to raise additional funds.

Our fingerprint

Novaders team worked with the founders to understand the different ways that a franchise owner would assess a location. Then the team worked with current customers to understand if there was any additional conditions that franchise owners need that was not included in the original build. The team defined several new features. In 5 months had incorporated customer feedback, redesigned the platform, and helped the RE-Trax team launch the enhanced platform. In addition the team know maintenance an supports the application for the RE-Trax team.


  • Stopped customers from leveling the platform.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.